German Oktoberfest Fashion | Oktoberfest Fashion For Sale And For Rent

German Oktoberfest Fashion | Get your Oktoberfest Fashion – Oktoberfest Fashion For Sale and for Rent

Are your ready for the German Oktoberfest…
Now it’s time to get your Original German Oktoberfest Fashion – Oktoberfest Dirndl and Oktobefest Lederhosen. Almost everyone attending Oktoberfest in Germany dresses in traditional Oktoberfest outfits, so consider taking part yourself.  We have even been surprised to see how many people tend to dress up no matter what time of year it is.  Dressing traditionally will help you blend in better and it makes the whole Oktoberfest experience a lot more fun.
Have a Look on the latest German Oktoberfest Fashion and the German Oktoberfest Girls.

Woman’s Oktoberfest Outfits Tips
1. Outfit Consists Of: The staple of a woman’s outfit is a tight fitting Bavarian Dirndl dress with an apron tied around it. The Dirndl blouses are normally white with the cut depending on how much cleavage you want to show.  Most women show quite a bit of cleavage.
2. Dirndl Bows:  Each apron is wrapped and typically tied with bow on the front. Put your bow on the left side if you’re single, the right side if you’re taken, and in the middle if you’re are a virgin.
3. Dirndl Dress Length:  An authentic Dirndl dress often goes below the knee, while the Halloween costume-style ones run much shorter like a skirt.  It doesn’t really matter which length you go with as both are acceptable, but almost all the Bavarians go with one below the knee.  It gets easy to spot the American girls as they are normally the ones with the short, sexy dresses.
4. Shoes: Avoid open-toed shoes because of the amount of beer glasses that get broken inside the beer tents.  The most common shoes are either flats or the Mary Jane-style footwear.  The local Mary Jane’s have comfortable rubber soles plus cleated heels and toes to make noise while dancing.
5. Female Lederhosen/Hotpants: Becoming more and more common, especially with international visitors, are the female lederhosen.  These high-cut suede shorts have suspenders and can be seen as very sexy.
6. Wiesn Glupperl: What the heck is a Wiesn Glupperl?  It is a common wooden clothespin decorated with some flair and your first name scorched on with a wood burner.  They are a little tacky, but very fun.  Both women and men can wear them and it is a great ice breaker.  Younger Germans often wear them only to be humorous by using funny fake names or dirty words instead of their real names.  There are stands at Oktoberfest selling Wiesn Glupperl and they can etch on your name or funny phrase. HERE is an example.


Men’s Oktoberfest Outfits Tips
1. Types of Pants/Lederhosen: Lederhosen are the standard leather shorts, Plattlerhosen are longer and go either to or below the knee, Bundhosen are capri-style pants, and Gauplattlerhosen is a descriptive word meaning that the pants will be more embroidered.  The cheaper costume-style outfit often come with no pockets, but the authentic leather ones will have 2-3 pocket.
2. Traditional Hats: The wool or felt Alpine and Bavarian hats (Tirolerhüte) are by far the way to go.  These hats typically have pheasant or ostrich feathers on the side which are replaced by a brush of either goat or boar hair if you want to get fancy.  Traditionally, the bigger the tuft of hair on your hat the wealthier you are, as it is a sign of high standing.  It has long been a custom to add pewter pins to the side of your hat based on what cities you have visited and interests you have such as hiking or hunting.  In addition to Alpine hats, you will see many people also wearing floppy farmer hats as well as some with beer mug-shaped hats and Harry Potter wizard hats.  Traditional hats are the way to go though.
3. Shirts: Bavarian Trachten shirt is the most common style of shirt.  They are usually plaid and either red or blue.  It has recently become more and more common to get a slim-fitting trachten shirt.
4. Suspenders: You have to have suspenders at least for the look even if your pants/shorts fit well enough to stay up on their own.  An embroidered chest strap on your suspenders is a good way to add some flair to your outfit if you are working with a basic ensemble.
5. Shoes and Socks: Men wear for the German Oktoberfest traditional shoes called Haferlschuh which are a mix between a dress shoe and work boot.  They have cleated bumps on the bottom but are smooth on top.  Socks can be cotton, but are normally wool with stripes on them.  The coolest combo is a low cut wool sock with a matching, mid-shin wool leg warmer.
6. Vests & Jackets: Vests, jackets and even ties are common. The vest is called a Prien, and it is sometimes worn instead of suspenders. Ties usually have tie rings.
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